Friday, July 6, 2018

All is well. :+)

Although Daisy is still very tired from her marathon delivery, she is a terrific mom.  All the pups made it through the night and continue to nurse 24/7.  The only time Daisy gets a break is when she is eating or 'nature' calls.  The demands of motherhood are strenuous for both dogs and humans!

If you look closely, you can count all ten.  :+)
Daisy and pups will be visiting my repro vet tomorrow morning to check over Daisy and pups.  The pups dew claws will also be removed at this time.

Once my vet tells me all is well with the pups, I will then request a deposit from those on her list.  I do have a couple of openings available as well as two slots for guardian homes.

Although this size litter is a ton of work, I am so excited to watch them grow as their parents have such sweet, endearing temperaments and I expect nothing short of that from the pups.  :+)

The ten pups by themselves while mom takes a potty break.


  1. Joyce - greetings from Speyer, Germany! I’ve been watching your goings on from over here. Question for you. With a large number of pups to nurse, does Daisy risk a calcium shortage? In the early days she must have to nurse constantly.

    1. Yes, of course! This is why I provide extra calcium to prevent Eclampsia in both food and tablet form. She will also have her calcium levels checked via my vet. Proper amounts of Vitamin D and Magnesium are also critical. Hope you are enjoying Germany!

    2. Enjoying my trip! And love watching your goings on!

  2. Adorable!!! Looking forward to watching this sweet litter😊

  3. They’re all precious ❤️