Saturday, July 7, 2018

Had our first check up! DAISY X WYATT

This morning we arrived at the vets for both Daisy and the pups' check ups.  Daisy is doing really, really well - producing milk, no fever (which is typical after a whelp) and in good shape.  The pups were checked for cleft palates, deformities, heart health and had their dew claws removed.  All were given 'thumbs up'!

For those that already sent in an application for one of these pups, now is the time to send in your $500 deposit fee which is fully refundable if you should change your mind.  I would also like to point out that the go home date is the weekend of September 8th & 9th.  Please be sure this pick up weekend does not interfere with other family plans as I do not hold over pups.  You may decide to have your trainer pick up your pup or move to another litter or have a responsible family member come in your place.  I give you this date as early as I can so there will be no conflicts, please mark your calendars!

I have availability in this litter!  I also plan to keep two pups for Guardian Homes, so keep that in mind!  :+)

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