Friday, February 9, 2018

She is here! She is here! Ready for a local guardian home!

Today, I finally was able to get my new girl from GREAT ROCK LABRADOODLES. Sickness, accidents, weather.... gave way to a perfect day to bring my girl home.

Please welcome ADNE's newest addition to the Annabelle Doodle family CLARY MC FADDEN!  The name Clary means 'bright and/or famous'. She already sparkles with that lovely silky black and white tuxedo pattern. Maybe she will become a 'famous' breeder for ADNE.  :+)  Keeping my fingers crossed; and now to find the perfect local guardian home for her that has a fence.

Clary is 10 weeks old and weighs 9 lbs.  I expect her to be around 27 lbs. at maturity. She has a wavy fleece coat and lovely temperament. I am pretty sure she would like to play ball.  I will certainly be taking more pics of this girl!

She was jumping for joy to be outside!

Sitting pretty.

'It's a ball'!

Love this face.

Clary seems to like it here in Maine.  :+)
Indoor pics taken today 2/10/17.  If you look really close, you will see that her eyes have not turned all brown yet - they may even keep a patch of the blue in them. Time will tell. Most Merle dogs (like Huskies) will have blue eyes or eyes with a spot of blue in them, but her parents have been genetically tested for the Merle gene and DNA does not lie - no Merle in this girl!

She loves having free time in the kitchen with all the other doodles at ADNE. Right now, she has settled herself quite nicely in the dog bed under my desk as I type.  :+)


  1. Oh my goodness, she is one cutie pie! I love the coloring (and coat and ears). Crossing my fingers that she works out for you.

    1. Yes a whoopie pie! She is sooo good. Thanks for crossing fingers (add a prayer, too okay?) :+)

    2. Wow Joyce! A 'royal' little one indeed! Adorable!
      Looking forward to meeting this sweetheart.
      She looks so happy and content!

  2. Just love her color. She’s precious!

  3. She is! She also loves to play, bounce and investigate the outdoors - such a happy girl. Then after playtime, she sits next to me to cuddle. :+)

  4. She is adorable! Love the tuxedo pattern.