Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mating accomplished!

Yea!  Now both Wyatt and Charlotte can relax for the Super Bowl Game today. All of us will be home celebrating the Super Bowl preparations. 

We are all so happy that Wyatt's first breeding experience is now over and behind him. On Saturday, as much as he was eager to accomplish his mission, he needed some help, so we went to my vets for a collection and an AI on Charlotte.  We decided to all meet at my vets in case the same thing happened today, but Wyatt must have paid close attention to his lessons from yesterday and was very much into the 'real deal' and showed us all how it gets done.  :+)  He enjoyed himself so much, he was very reluctant to let Charlotte go. He kept jumping on her and giving her hugs while they were tied. It was rather funny.  We all had a chuckle or two over his antics.

So, now we wait about 30 days to see if those active sperms find an egg to fertilize! 

Rah, rah PATRIOTS!!!


  1. Super Bowl puppies conceived in the passion of first love!
    Yay, Wyatt and Charlotte!

  2. I only wish I had videoed Wyatt's happiness to keep 'hugging' Charlotte. It was hysterical. :+)

  3. Poor Wyatt! It's not like he could have read a book or watched some doggie-soft-porn ahead of Saturday!!

    1. So true! However, he certainly must have taken a crash course because on Sunday, he was a professional!! :+)