Friday, April 13, 2018


Although I had planned to take pics outdoors today, I did not get the pup yard cleaned up in time. Still 'dragging a bit' from my cold.

I found Mr. Snuggle Puppy and a basket to contain my wiggly wormy pups and grabbed the camera!  They are now at the point where they have more energy and want to run, run, run!  Even if it is raining tomorrow, they will enjoy the pup yard. I don't have to take photos tomorrow so they can get good and messy.  :+)

Both Orange Boy and Rainbow Girl have underbites. It is a cosmetic flaw and will not interfere with chewing.  Many pups will show an underbite and it generally corrects by 7 weeks. If it doesn't, it is  permanent.  If any of you will NOT accept either pup because of this flaw, please let me know asap and I will refund your deposit in full.  I will not have another litter of minis for a year. I am happy to refer to breeders that will have minis this summer for purchase.  :+)

Green Boy - 5 1/4 lbs.

Purple Girl - 5 lbs.  AVAILABLE

Teal Boy - 4  1/2 lbs.

Orange Boy - 5  3/4 lbs.

Twins :+)  Both Mr. Snuggle and Blue Boy have their eyes closed and their tongues out.  5  1/4 lbs.

Rainbow Girl - 5 lbs.


  1. Joyce I wouldn’t mind one of these beauties even with a small underbite. You are such a good breeder and I think it shows your integrity that you will refund a deposit if someone wants to opt out!

    1. Thanks, Kam. Many people want a 'perfect' dog. No imperfections, and I understand that. I am always happy to give a full refund because what is most important to me is that whichever pup is assigned that the pup is loved unconditionally. Many breeds are produced for an underbite, like Bullies, Boxers, etc., but Labradoodles are not. However, no dog is ever perfect - just like people. I hold no issue if anyone bows out. I prefer it, than I can advertise which pup is available with full disclusure. :+)