Monday, April 16, 2018

Temperament test pics for the Gunny2 x Abner litter.

I thought you might all enjoy seeing some pics of the pups during their test.  Although you pretty much see them with toys, what you don't see is if they chase the toy, tug with it, or prance around the room with one in their mouth. Each different action shows a possible trait for fetching, prey drive or a desire to play ball.

There is also a segment on 'squeezing'.  This shows the tolerance, or lack thereof of 'poor' handling. Very young children don't always pick up or pat a pup properly and my trainer looks for a pup's willingness to be handled inappropriately. Thankfully, all the pups passed this one!

When they were placed outdoors (in a place they had never been), they did explore but were not accustomed to the cars passing by and some would stop what they were doing and listen; while others said 'I don't recognize that noise' and headed for the door!  Smart pups!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy.

Purple Girl checking out the new toys and space.

Green Boy was curious about the Crinkly Tunnel.

Blue Boy 'bit off' more than he could carry!

Teal Boy enjoyed being surrounded by toys.

Rainbow Girl likes laps and enjoyed her view.  

Funny that Orange Boy picked his ID Collar color coded toy.


  1. They all look like wonderful pups!

  2. We had no idea that breeders do this kind of thing. The whole process makes a lot of sense. Each little pup is so cute. I think I was like Rainbow girl when I was little.

  3. Ha, ha! They all did very well during the tests and my trainer was so pleased and kept complimenting them. She used words like 'brave, sweet, smart, curious, social and playful'.

    Actually, Blue Boy got the highest score as he is the most curious and confident. He will need consistent training but his family has another one of my doodles and this experience will be to everyone's benefit. He also was their first choice! I think he has all the 'right stuff' to be a great therapy type doodle. I sure hope so!