Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gunny's pups have their first family visit today!

This weekend the pups are having several family visits to say hello and interact with.

Our first family came today at 11 am to meet the ADNE adults that live here and to have some time to play with the puppies.

There will be more pics posted here tomorrow as well.......and here they are!!  The pups had a wonderful time and so did the families.  At times, they were exhausted but there was always a few ready and willing to be patted, held, tugged with and laughed over. 

A great weekend of pup visits.  Thank you all for making the trip!

Lots of smiles from adults and children alike.  Their mom did not want to let go of that little chocolate boy!
Fingers are like nipples! No milk though!!!


Even teens like puppies.  :+)

Sometimes you really have to hold them to know they are real. 

Laces were created for puppies.

A meeting of the minds??

Two girls just chillin'.

It is a family affair.

'Let me tell you a secret.......'

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