Friday, April 6, 2018


Today, I decided to take 'au naturelle' pics of each pup alone outdoors in the turf yard.  I have not cleaned up the debris from winter yet, so apologies.  I just thought it would be a great change and I wanted to see how the pups reacted in a place they had never been around.

Believe it or not, they also use the dogie door to go outside when they have playtime. They just use the aisle but it still allows them to potty outside if the need arises  (or occurs to them) and also come in if they feel chilly.  They enjoy the fresh air and it gives me a chance to clean up their messes and use the mop and vacuum. 

All of them have 'brave and not so brave' moments and that is normal.  Today, for instance, I put down the large metal lid that makes a racket.  At first, they were curious but not willing to go near it. Then one touched in with his paw and it clanked. Before long, they were all pawing at it and could care less about the noise it made.  It is these things that help pups learn to overcome a possible fear. This is why introducing all kinds of odd stuff is so important for the development of a pup's temperament and confidence. DNA can only do so much, environmental stimulation is of equal importance!

Green Boy wondered 'Where the heck am I'?  3  3/4 lbs.

Purple Girl could not believe the space she had to explore!  4 lbs.

Blue Boy went hither and dither to check 'this and that'.  4 lbs.

Teal Boy is thinking 'What is out here'?  3 5/8 lbs.

Rainbow Girl's expression is 'Can I chew this'? 3  3/4 lbs.

Orange Boy 'Do I touch it, or leave it'?  4 lbs.


  1. What sweet and brave little souls!

  2. They were brave! I had to laugh at some of the expressions, they were priceless. I can't wait until I can clean up the winter mess and disinfect the area so they can go out and play to their hearts content. The bit of snow today just will make it take longer than I had hoped. Plus, I need nights not to be under 32 degrees! I don't want my hose to freeze up. Lastly, I need ALL the snow to go away!