Monday, March 5, 2018

Dancing the jig here at ADNE!

I received the best phone call this afternoon - a family that came to meet Clary to be guardians decided that they were ready and wanted to pick her up TODAY! 

Clary will be living with another five year old Labradoodle and two cats!  A son in college and a teenaged high school daughter will provide lots of attention and snuggles for Clary.  Having another doodle to chase round and round their fenced yard is icing on the cake!  We are all thrilled for how this all turned out.  Boogie, woggie shuffle going on here!  :+)

It was just about dusk when they came to take Clary home.
The best part is that they live literally ten minutes from my home.  I want to pinch myself! Thanks so much Fall family for taking the time to really think this through for the benefit of Clary.  Wahoo!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful family to love and care for Clary McFadden!

  2. Yes they are. I was so disappointed when they make their initial decision not to take her but they worked it out. Thrilled that they did.