Friday, March 9, 2018


We have company coming for a couple of days so I was up early getting ready for picture day!  I know it is a bit early to be celebrating St. Patrick's Day but the color green goes well with the pups.  They are all doing extremely well and will soon be moved to the Puppy Room. More than likely, I will do this on Sunday after my company leaves.

Purple Girl 1 lb., 11 ounces

Orange Boy - 1 lb. 13 ounces.
Rainbow Girl  1 lb., 11 ounces.
Teal Boy  1 lb., 10 ounces.
Green Boy  1 lb., 8 ounces.

Blue Boy  1 lb. 12 ounces.

The gang!  You can't see the one underneath the pup pile, but it is there!

All eyes are now open but sight is cloudy until another five days or so.  Ears are opening up and soon they will begin to crawl more.  Gunny is very attentive but you can see in the group pic that she still has a great affection for her small, squeaky Kong Balls.  :+) 

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