Sunday, March 11, 2018

Gunny and litter have moved.

On Saturday afternoon, I decided that Gunny and her litter should be in the Pup Room. The pups did super and comfortably settled in.  Gunny was the most affected and kept checking to see if any of her babies were still in the office. Then she became 'Super Mom' and would not let any of the other doodles go near the pup room.  This is totally normal for a mom feeling she needs to 'protect' her pups.  We just made sure to be patient and very conscious of her feelings.  I knew in about 24 hours all would be well.

This morning, Gunny wanted to come in to be with the other girls and she was in a totally different mindset. I will always keep the gate to the actual pen where the pups are closed because I take no chances. However, I can now keep the gate open to the pup room from the kitchen so all the doodles can go outdoors to potty and play.  Glad that remedied quickly!  :+)

They no longer need the 'guard rails' as they have grown so much. Gunny is very careful jumping in and settling to nurse.  I clipped their nails for the first time. Collars have also been changed.  It is truly amazing how quickly pups grow. 


  1. It won't be long before they look like little doggies!

  2. Yep, they will be at a really cute stage very soon.