Sunday, March 4, 2018

Kudos to Clary!

Today, I took her to the local Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk, Maine to attend Puppy Social Class.  First, let me tell you it is a GORGEOUS room indoors - large, bright, great traction floor and wonderful trainers.  Secondly, the toys, equipment and attention to the pups makes you feel your pup is very important and safe play for everyone is essential.  I was beyond pleased.

Clary, on the other hand, was a PERFECT participant!  She adored the cutest (and friendliest) long haired Chihuahua 'Bruno' who was barely 3 lbs. Then, she befriended a LARGE Goldendoodle puppy named Rigly who is very shy and would not interact at all with anyone.  Finally, at the end, he decided that Clary would be a good friend and they chased and chased each other up and around the room in total abandon!  It was so nice to see.  Clary is such a social, confident and pleasant pup. She went to each person in the room to say 'Hello' with tail wagging and offered kisses.

The trainers were surprised to see such a stable puppy at her age and 'first time' attendant.  You can be sure we both will be there next Sunday morning so Clary can spread her cheer and make new friends.

Clary has found her local guardian home!  Happily, they will continue to take Clary to AWS for social time and will sign her up for obedience classes there.  So happy!!  :+)

Waiting at the door for her travel vest. She has no idea we are going for an 'adventure' to AWS.
Clary is such a good traveler in the car as well. Just settles right in. Such a sweet puppy! Next week, I will try to take pics when we are there.  :+)

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