Friday, March 2, 2018


Unbelieveably, it has been one week since Gunny whelped her litter. Let me tell you, they are a bunch of roly polys too. 

Gunny is an attentive mommy and keeps them clean, warm and nourished.  I can't believe these minis are all over a pound in weight - a testament to Gunny's diet and health.  :+)

I will continue to do Early Neurological Stimulation on the pups for another ten days. So far, none are really being very reactive which is nice.  In some litters, a pup or two will really complain about being turned upside down or belly up, but not this group.

It is much too early for me to know which one of the lighter coated pups will be truly apricot with black pigment or caramels which have brown pigment and hazel eyes.  Almost ALL chocolate colored pups will dilute to a lighter shade of brown. Some even become a taupe color.  Look at my breeders who are now retired like Figgy, Rumple, Cadbury or Pearl - they were all chocolate as pups!!

Here are the munchkins!

Rainbow Girl.  1.1 lbs.

Blue boy.  1.2 lbs.

Teal boy. 1 lb. Many chocolates dilute to a lighter color.

Green boy. 1.1 lbs.

Purple girl. 1.2 lbs.  Will have the curliest coat in the litter.

Orange boy. 1.3 lbs.