Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thaddeus Dood

Just received a couple of pics of my potential breeding boy, THADDEUS DOOD!  Thaddeus is my first phantom marked male in my program and I am very excited about introducing this pattern to some ADNE matings.

In six or so months, Thaddeus will be tested to see if he has the testing scores to become a stud for our program.  I am sure hoping and praying!

This boy is from the mating of Gunny and Lil Abner that I just repeated which produced six lovely pups. No phantoms this time, so I guess I used up all my 'cards' on the first litter that provided me with two.

Thaddeus will be a large miniature Australian Labradoodle reaching roughly 28 lbs. or so. His coat is scrumptious and lightly marked with tan brush strokes on his chest, legs, tush and a bit on his face.  His groomer did an outstanding job on him.

Just groomed - frontal pic.

Before grooming.

Pic of his full groom enjoying a chew stick. He is 7  1/2 months of age.


  1. He has a GORGEOUS coat. I love it.

  2. It is sooooo silky and soft. He knows how good looking he is. Struts around. Silly little man.

    1. He looks like he knows, lol.

    2. It looks a lot like Sundog's coat. Does it mat easily?

    3. No, hardly at all. However, he is still 'puppy' and it could change but I doubt it. Gunny's coat does not mat at the skin at all, it is more like a a 'hair slab' and it just slides off the hair shaft. Really an easy coat to care for. Abner's is very, very silky and he brings his brush to his guardian every night. He loves to be brushed, so never a mat on him due to his exemplary hygiene. :+)