Monday, March 5, 2018

I thought I would give some updates on my potential breeders!

My Guardian Homes have been wonderful about providing me with pics of my future hopefuls and I am so excited to be able to share them with all of you.  Soon, a couple of them will begin my testing protocol and that will determine who begins a career with ADNE and who will be strictly a pet. It is always my hope that all I hold back will be able to produce future puppies, but I do live in the real world and accept disappointment as well.  Above all, being a guardian for ADNE is that each pup is a pet first and foremost!  Training, love, adventures and a solid temperament are critical for BOTH a healthy well rounded pet or breeder. 

So, here are a few of my ADNE hopefuls that are over six months of age.

Ms. SADIE Benz with her Gramps.  Daisy x Emmett litter.

Okie BOOMER enjoying the couch.  Hazel x Bo Didley litter.

THADDEUS Dood all groomed.  Gunny x Abner litter.

ELSIE Malloy. Another couch percher from the Hazel x Bo Didley litter.  :+)

I would also like to comment that all my Guardian Home breeders will be required to be fed Life's Abundance unless they are sticking to the raw diet.  It is the safest kibble available and produced by a holistic vet with 20 years in dog nutrition. No other kibble has that claim - oh...never a recall either!

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